A Musing Bikes

1532 Magazine St. Suite A, 

Lower Garden District, New Orleans.

Open May 30, 2018 from 10:00 am to 5:30 pm  WE ARE CLOSED PERMANENTLY AFTER THAT

Just some fun bike-related videos for you to enjoy:

We are constantly learning about new technologies of the bicycle industry.  From a flat, to a bottom bracket swap, we can fix most bicycle problems.   We will gladly advise you about your bicycle issues.  If you need a new bike, we can show you what we have available on our showroom floor or what we can order for you.

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Our Beginnings

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Check out some of our past BigShot custom bikes.  This one is called Mardi Gras part quatre 

This is Mardi Gras part trois

Established in 2011

A Musing Bikes started in January of 2011 as a bicycle rental company located within the Corner Muse Coffee House. Although we only advertised rentals, we still had some demand for new bikes, repairs, and parts. We moved in September of 2012 to our old address right on Terpsichore St. to add new bicycle sales, repairs/maintenance, and accessories to our services.